Mum's Birthday Weekend

Man, it was a trying week.CIMG1607

After flying to finish our Capital Projects plan (which I did), resolve a lingering personnel issue (which it mostly is), and prepare for a board meeting (which I am), it was time for a little R&R.

As my mum's birthday is tomorrow, I decided to head home for the weekend to see the fam and partake in Don's birthday present to Mum - a huge homecooked Indian feast.

And oh man, was it fabulous!

CIMG1609We ate, we laughed, we talked about all sort of things. Don and I got our geek on talking about websites and business plans, and Mum unwrapped her birthday present - a pair of lobster claw oven mitts that never fail to make any of us laugh.

The race was rained out, so I headed home early, and I'm glad I did...with this icky front moving in, I had the beginnings of a migraine by the time I got home. I unpacked, ate, and went to bed early, and slept for 12 straight hours.
Nothing like good food, good family and a good night's sleep to help you face the week head on...

(The entire photo set is here)

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Denise said...

LMAO! Those lobster mitts are to die for, babe. Your mum is so cool... =)