I know, I know...

...I've been away from the blogosphere for a while. Things have been hectic and exhausting for LFM...

CIMG1581Between bouts of illness, personnel problems, family crises and being on the road a lot lately, I haven't been much inspired to write anything. I've spent most of my "down time" resting and watching all five season of Angel in succession - the kind of braindead therapy I tend to try and avoid, but I haven't had much oomph to do anything else. (Besides, sexy Spike as a reward...)

In any case, I have been home to see the fam in recent weeks, and managed to accomplish one of my "29 things" for this year - go ice skating.CIMG1578

Something I haven't done in about a decade and a half.

Thanks to my sis for going along with my harebrained scheme!

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