Review: The Eye of the World

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

When I was an undergrad in college, I didn't really read for fun or for myself - it was either homework or something to do with student government. My sophomore year, a friend of my insisted I read this fantasy series called The Wheel of Time. I'd never read fantasy, and had no interest, but he insisted I read at least 100 pages of the first book. I did, and for the next three years, I read nothing but this mammoth series.

It's a decade later, and I'm determined to reread this series in the hopes of reading the last two published books - it's been so long, I tried to read Book 10 and was hopelessly lost. Detailed, intricate, engrossing, filled with characters and settings of a Tolkien-esque quality, this is often ranked as one of the best fantasy series in existance.

I'm detemined to get through the thousands of pages once again.

Highly recommended!

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