Review: A Left-Hand Turn Around the World

A Left-Hand Turn Around the World: Chasing the Mystery and Meaning of All Things Southpaw by David Wolman

As a lefty (along with about 12% of the world), you knew I was going to pick up this nonfiction title!

Wolman (obviously, also a lefty) decides to travel far and wide to try and unravel the scientific mystery of left-handedness, or for that matter, any handedness.

Though he throws in antecdotes and funny encounters, for the most part this is a very scientific-reading, highly researched tome about the nature of the brain and its connection to dominant hands. Wolman focuses particular attention on strong-handedness and mixed-handedness, leading me to question my own Southpaw tendencies.

I've always found it interesting how many "artistic types" are lefty, as well as the rash of lefties in library school, and who work at my library now. Clearly, we have bookish tendencies in my corner of the world. ;-)

I wonder how many "righties" will read this nonfiction book!

Just for fun, the 10 question "Edinburgh Handedness Inventory" (each is to be answered as either left, right or either), and my answers:

Writing - left
Drawing - left
Throwing - right
Scissors - left
Toothbrush - left
Knife (without fork) - left
Spoon - left
Broom (upper hand) - left
Striking match (match) - left
Opening box/lid - left

And yet, I might be "mixed", because of that throwing one. Weird. (I also golf right handed, but my golf coach *swore* I'd have an advantage that way...)


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Jalehlabad said...

As a lefty, this book sounds pretty cool. I may just have to add it to my Amazon list.