Time once again for some of my fave links in Bloglines this week (and last, and frankly, the week before that as well...):

  • I have a new banner at the top of the page...the fantabulous Aaron Schmidt over at Walking Paper used it in his library redesign, and graciously shared the code with all. What a great idea! I tweaked it to kick off my Relay for Life campaign this year...

  • I'm loving these DIY bookmarks - I just printed some off myself, and they work great! [via I Love a Good Mystery]

  • Granted, those bookmarks aren't as funny as this homemade (and NSFW) one! [via Not Martha]

  • I'm lovin' the ThumbThing! I'm thinking a possible gift shop sell for the library. Too bad I can't just buy one from the website... [via J-Walk Blog]

  • Oh my god...I TOTALLY need this writing board for the shower! Why is it I always get my best story ideas or "a-ha!" moments in the shower? And why did I just share that with the blog world? ;-) [via J-Walk Blog]

  • In other news, I scored 72% on the librarian test. How'd you do?

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