Christmas Cabin

Even though Christmas has been over for a couple of weeks, I've barely had time to catch my breath (and return to the land of internet access) to post about our FAB-U-LOUS Christmas cabin adventure.

What follows is a photo-intensive diary of our three days in idyllic Brown County...

(To see the complete photo set, click here. These are just a few of my faves and of the memorable moments...)

On December 23rd, we packed up the van and got ready to head out to find our mystery cabin. We'd see a few photos online, but the location is kept secret until you actually check in and get a key, which is really kinda cool. Of course, the Priddis clan does not travel lightly, nor do we "rough it" in any sense of the word...


We find the cabin with no trouble, let ourselves in, marvel at the decorations and then immediately set to work unpacking the kitchen stuff, opening a basket o' goodies from Michelle and Don, fixing broken lights, and trying to get the fireplace going...


Naturally, we put the cake stand to good use...


The folks look pretty stoked about their 40th wedding anniversary present...the cabin...


Michelle and Don hang out for a while longer (to test that the pool table is in good working order), and then leave us to wander around, test the porch swing out, ooh and ahh, and eat. Of course. ;-)



Isn't it perfect? :-)



Of course, the hot tub also needs to be tested for quality control...


After dinner, Dad and I hit the pool table, with Mum as a spectactor. Dad claims not to have played in 20 years, but he sharked everyone all weekend! I, on the other hand, relied mostly on luck. Mum was good at chalking the cue, but struggled a bit with the execution of hitting a ball. ;-)



All set for Christmas...



After a restful night, Christmas Eve dawns and we set about doing...nothing. Eating, reading, relaxing...perfect...


Don and Michelle planned to come out about lunchtime, so we set off getting the buffet organized. Only my mother would use a orange juicer to sprinkle powdered sugar (stolen from a gingerbread house kit) on a Victoria Sponge for "prettiness". ;-)



We snack, we talk, we shoot a lot of pool, and Mum hits the Bailey's bottle...


Mum and I watch the Colts game (and the roaring fire) while the gang plays pool...


Michelle and I weigh in on the pork pie (cold pork with aspic and pastry) that Mum made. The older folks love it, the younger folks...not so much...


Finally, it's time for prezzies! Don gets clamps, Michelle gets gift certificates, I get a goody box, so on and so on...



Finally, it's time for the final presents from Dad...a diamond necklace for Michelle, and an emerald ring from me. What a memorable moment...



Christmas morning, Mum, Dad and I are up early, and immediately dig into our stockings as the sun rises...



We dive under the tree, and unwrap and generally make a mess. I got DVDs, household bits and pieces, lots of kitchen-y things, but most of all...my grandmother's complete china tea set. So awesome...

After a breakfast of croissants and tidying up, Dad and I tackle the $7 gingerbread kit I insisted we buy and bring. It was...challenging. ;-)


Mid-morning, we decide it's time for another snack. Mum whips up some soft-shell crab sandwiches, and it begins to snow "between the soft shell crabs and the en crut" that we're having in another couple of hours.

Mum and I sit outside for a while, giggling ourselves silly and watching the snow fall. We reminince that sitting in the freezing cold watching scenery is a bit like being on Clacton Beach in England. Only the British, man. ;-)



"En crut!" Mum's Beef Wellington for lunch...


The snowfall made everything beautiful and festive...we couldn't have been luckier on Christmas Day...



Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the gingerbread house needs some adornment. Clearly, the icing was not the best ever, and we didn't quite get our gingerbread house looking like the picture. Made me laugh, though. ;-)


Don and Michelle came back out for evening, with lots of talking and pool playing. If we do this again, the pool table is a deal-breaker...



Before we knew it, the next morning had come and it was time to repack our wares into the van and leave our little Christmas cabin. We shoved the Christmas tree back in the box, cleared out the kitchen, ate a "rustic" breakfast (butter on tin foil, I ask you...) did our "chores", and said goodbye...




One final photo as we drove down the (perilous) drive...


Until next year, we hope...

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Denise said...

Lovely! Looks like it was a fabulous time - and so quaint!! Makes me want to spend some time there... :)