Snow Days

Things They Never Told Me in Library Science School Would Happen at a Public Library, #58:

That I'd have to wake up at 5am and maniacally watch weather coverage to decide whether or not to close the library, after having closed early the night before.

Also, that I would impose a two hour delay for staff members to arrive, and then find myself stuck in the snow and unable to get to work without hitching a ride.

Also, that organizing an impromptu staff pizza party during said icy weather would be the best thing I did all day.

Also, that I would have to promise the boiler repairman brownies for working late two days in a row to make sure the library temperature didn't drop below freezing. I did, he did, and the boiler is fixed and running.


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Denise said...

So...you got that snow I sent your way?? ;)