Review: Live What You Love

Live What You Love: Notes From an Unusual Life by Bob and Melinda Blanchard

This book is supposed to be cutesy and inspirational, but mostly it just made me jealous and sad.

Filled with short stories and antecdotes, the Blanchards discuss the choices they've made in life, how they got through the tough times, and the struggles to...get this, build a hotel to go along with their fabulously popular restaurant on the beach in Anguilla.

I'd like to live in the Carribean, but I don't make that kind of dough, nor do the Blanchards really explain where the thousands and thousands they need come from.

Like I said, inspirational but depressing. ;-)

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Kate said...

I used to correspond with a librarian who grew up in Bloomington (IN) and worked at a university on St. Thomas (Virgin Islands). She said that living in the Caribbean wasn't all that. Of course, she may have been just saying that to make me feel better...