Review: Lifting the Covers

Lifting the Covers by Alan Mills

My mother has always been a tennis fan, but even more so, a Wimbledon fan. I spent two weeks of every summer watching tennis from the fabled lawns of Wimbledon, and even attended one summer myself. Needless to say, I was interested in this autobiography from Mills, who was the referee (ie Head Dude) at Wimbledon for two decades.

Mills has lots of interesting antecdotes and insights on all the players who crossed his paths, and tells lots of "behind the scenes" stories, and explains a bit more about his job. Two sets of photos are included in the bio, and I loved flipping to them while reading about his various tales, trials and tribulations. We have no idea what has to happen to make Wimbledon happen flawlessly every summer...or just how much the rain challenges his job!

A fascinating story, and I'm now sorrier than before that Mills has decided to retire...


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