Review: Be More Chill

Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini

I really loved Vizzini's first foray into YA writing, so I was looking forward to his new book, especially after our YA librarian put a "squip" sticker on her car. ;-)

Jeremy Heere is not cool, but man, he wants to be. He finds out from a friend about getting a "squip" - a supercomputer chip that comes in pill form. You take the pill, the chip goes into your brain, and it instructs you how to be cool.

Also, the voice you hear in your head is Keanu Reeves. How damn funny is that??

What follows is horrifying and hilarious, raw and sooo true of high school. I read this quick YA novel in a night, and think Vizzini is a talented, funny guy.


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