Holy Hell

Another sure sign I'm going to hell (where I'll be among friends and Starbucks, according to madame_r):

At our pitch-in lunch today, we were discussing the upcoming holiday, and Becca posed the question about the presence of the three wise men during Jesus' first days.

We surmised they were quite a bit delayed, thus making our holiday pictorials a bit inaccurate.

Becca: "Even though the three wise men make a nativity scene pretty and complete, it's not accurate."


Me: "Well, sure, but you could always park a 1985 DeLorean next to the manger, and it would work fine."

*snorts of laughter*


Anonymous said...

And cable tv. :) *is hoping I can find a job in middle management when I get there*

Anonymous said...

I personally think the animal dung and urine soaked straw is what really makes the nativity scene beautiful.