Calling All Hoosier Librarians!

Hey hey, Hoosier librarians!

I was recently appointed Associate Editor of Indiana Libraries, our scholarly library journal for the state of Indiana (bows to all the applause).

As such, I'm part of the group that receives, edits and prepares for publication all the articles in the issue (including my own regular column). However, I'm also in charge of finding willing victims to publish in the journal!

This is where all of you who might be reading this come in.

Publication in IL is a great resume builder, it's fun to see your name in print, and it's an opportunity to tell other librarians what cool ideas you have!

The deadline for our next issue is February 15, but we have other upcoming issues as well. I think this would be a GREAT opportunity for some of those rockin' librarians out there in get in print.

Have you done research on a particular aspect of librarianship? Tell us! Just started an innovative program like gaming at the library? Tell us! Have you implemented a new service for patrons? Tell us!

Drop me a line if you have questions or want to discuss an idea at theloudlibrarian[at]yahoo.com. Thanks!

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