Tornado Aftermath

Thanks to all for the emails and phone calls in the last few days regarding the awful F3 twister that tore through Evansville on early Sunday morning.

I'm okay, as is TinyTown...the tornado was JUST south of us, on the other side of the Ohio River, and could have easily turned into TinyTown, but it continued on to Newburgh and Boonville. We called friends at the Boonville Library on Sunday morning to check in, and have been tracking progress of friends in Newburgh.

It's just an awful, awful situation, and incredibly bizarre to see OUR little corner of the world dominating CNN, MSNBC and more. Too bad it's for such a terrible reason...

Ironically, I heard the sirens go off about 1:30 on Sunday morning, and saw the HORRIFIC lightning, heard the wind kick up, then the pounding rain...but I had no idea what lay just south.

We were lucky.

In any case, we have power, our homes, and our friends and family. Thanks to all concerned enough to check in with me. I'm still kickin' in TinyTown. :-)

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