Review: Love My Rifle More Than You

Love My Rifle More Than You by Kayla Williams

I picked up this book yesterday morning, intending to read a chapter or two and then go off to start on my ever-growing to-do list.

Instead, I spent the next several hours absolutely absorbed in this book, which I finished later in the day.

Williams takes you inside the war in Iraq, but from the perspective of one of the few females. At first her writing seems crass and shock-value-y, but then you realize that's the reality, and that's how it's presented. Williams details her own road to the Army, then her time in Iraq as a linguist. You meet colleagues, come to love and hate some of them, hear about the trauma and drama, and really get pulled into what day-to-day life was like in the desert.

I was fascinated by her experiences, her struggles, and her straightforward way of telling it "how it is". And incredible book, not only from an Iraqi war standpoint, but from a woman in a man's world standpoint.


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