Review: The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

I was skeptical of this book...it's been hailed as the latest Secret Life of Bees or Five People You Meet in Heaven, the book being hailed as THE must read, the book that book groups are clamoring for, the book that is being hand sold across the country.

When something is that hyped, I become less interested. Weird, I know.

Still, Gail and Nathalie (my colleagues) both said it was amazing, so I grabbed a copy for when I went to Monterey, and I have to say...it was really, really good.

I was frustrated and angry through 3/4 of it, but that's because the author did his job of twisting emotions and NOT going where you want him to go. I was disappointed, sad, angry...but in a good way.

You come to love AND hate some of the characters, while still understanding their journey, and that is a rare gift in an author.

This is an eye-opening, culturally diverse, interesting read, and I'm glad I got past the stigma to enjoy it. Recommended!

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