Murder By the Book

Our ProgramLast weekend, we hosted a murder mystery at APL entitled "Murder By the Book".

We had an outstanding cast (yes, yes, of course I was one of them), a great audience, and a fantastic time putting on the show! Any libraries out there, I highly recommend this as a fun program to put on!Marissa AKA Jessie Jones

Be warned, if you put on a murder mystery, it does require a little prep time. ;-)

In the course of several months, we bought a script, tweaked it, began rehearsals, promoted the program, created programs and "guess the killer!" sheets, bought a smorgasbord of food, engaged some "plants" in the audience to help us along, got props, and did some set dressing to the library itself.

Murder by the Book FinaleIt was a blast!

(Not to mention, I got to be a really, REALLY overethusiastic cop - sweet!)

Next year, we're planning to combine it with our Annual Gala - a big Friends fundraiser. Should be good times. :-)Dramatic Death

Plus, bonus, we got to kill off our director and one of our part time employees. Dramatic deaths, both, and FABULOUSLY acted. ;-)

(To see all the photos from the set, click here)

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