Land of Links

Some of the more interesting links I've run across lately....

  • Harlequin is due to start producing NASCAR-themed titles. I am so there. :-)

  • As always, the J-Walk Blog perfectly summarizes Sony-BMG's new End User License Agreement. In all seriousness, I'll be reading up on this agreement to see how it may affect public library CD collections.

  • I've recently started using Planzo (first heard about it at IL05) as a way to have my trusty wall calendar in my office always available when I'm elsewhere. Also, big fan of the to-do list function. Of course, it's still in beta. ;-)

  • Which Serenity character are you? I was tied as Captain Mal and Inara (the tiebreaker made me Mal). Rawk!

  • So, then...what IS up with Jerome of NIN?


Anonymous said...

Straight from Trent Reznor's "mouth":

mkivett: Can you please clarify the situation with Jerome Dillon in regards to the conflicting reports we've been hearing?
trent_reznor> Here's the truth: regardless of what he apparently now wants you to believe, we cancelled several shows due to his heart. He told me "I have a clean bill of health" and shortly thereafter he spent the night again in the hospital. We auditioned drummers to complete the tour - with full disclosure to Jerome. He reacted poorly to us finding someone and choosing to finish this current leg of the tour with that person. Tempers flared and the decision to permanently replace him was made - by everyone in the band and management. Jerome is a great drummer and I truly wish him well - sometimes he just seems to get his facts a little mixed up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, must have been blind to miss that link. Jerome's a whiney little girl. Trent said last night on the spiral chat that Jerome was not upfront about his condition and that's why he got the boot. I'm believing hunky sober beef cake man on this one.

Anonymous said...

I'm not comfortable with other people quoting our lord and saviour.