Best of the Week...

Some of the best links I've run across this week...

  • This one is for Erica, and her forbidden Vin love. I haven't laughed so hard all week. What's your favorite?

  • Rick gathers his additions to IM lingo...for Monty Python fans. ;-)

  • This is an absolutely fascinating survey on the BBC's page...your job is to spot the fake smile. I got 18/20 right, which makes me feel pretty good. I've always thought that a key part of reference is not only hearing what they ask, but how they ask, their body language and intonation in order to find what they REALLY need.

  • And the winner of the best link emailed to me this week, courtesy of my fellow-NIN-worshipper, Jen. The link is from the Christianity Today website, and features this question:

    I have a friend who listens to Nine Inch Nails, and I really don't think he should. Are there any Christian groups that sound like NIN?

    I appreciate your concern for your friend. And you're right. Nine Inch Nails is a band to avoid. Trent Reznor, NIN's chief songwriter and frontman, spews out lyrics of hopeless rage, generously sprinkled with profanity and sexual vulgarities.

Naturally, we couldn't just let THAT sit between us.

theloudlibrarian: Yeah. That's WHY WE LOVE IT!

jen: sprinkled with profanity and sexual vulgarities - it's the icing on the beef cake

jen: There's something magical about whipping into the parking garage at 8:20am blaring "your god is dead" out the windows, well the three that open

theloudlibrarian: Lately, I've been blaring in listening to Wish - it gets me pumped for the day to hear Trent scream about no souls and big f*%&ing holes. ;-)

I may be going to hell, but at least I'll be among friends. ;-)

(Sorry for the profanity, Mum)


Anonymous said...

Prefers ninonite or ninonian to worshiper. We're all wretched in the eyes of Trent.

Anonymous said...

There's cable tv and starbucks in hell. It could be worse...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, the Vin Diesel thing rocks!