SLJ Article

APL marketing gal extraordinaire Becca sent out a press release a couple of months ago about our new IM Reference service. I had the pleasure of speaking to School Library Journal about the new service, and now here's the requisite article with equally horrifying photo.

I spoke to the reporter for ages about tracking the progress of IM in larger libraries, the rock star status of folks like Michael and Sarah, and our promotion of the service, but it got pretty condensed.

Still, pretty cool to be a wannabe rock star in a national publication. Ain't ya proud, Mum? ;-)



librarianne said...

fabu pic too, lady!

Jalehlabad said...

What are you talking about? Horrifying pic? I think you look great! I mean, let's all think back to that SLIS boob pic and compare. No, because there is no comparison, you lil' hottie!

Marissa said...

Awww....thanks, guys! And you just HAD to mention the SLIS piccie, didn't you? ;-)