Monterey Bound...

My friend/co-worker Carrie and I are leaving for the Internet Librarian conference tomorrow after work. We're both really excited about our first trip to California - especially to beautiful Monterey!

And I can't wait to learn all sort of exciting techno things from cooler librarians than me, even though I fear I'm not going to understand half of what they're saying. ;-) In any case, yay for IL having a public libraries track!

We fly back to the Hoosier State on Thursday, and return to work Friday, so this blog will be dormant until then - but after that, expect lots of pictures. ;-)

If you see me in Monterey, say hi!


Anonymous said...

Is it bad that I keep reading about your other Carrie and getting confused? ;-)

Denise said...

Me, too!! ;) Have fun, babe!