Fall Festival

Last week was the Fall Festival in Evansville.

CIMG0826Fall Festival is like a religion in southern Indiana - it's a weeklong event of food, rides, entertainment and spending money like water.

The Fall Festival is the second largest street festival in the country (second only to Mardi Gras, which we may surpass this year). All the food booths are nonprofit, and there are almost as many rides as there are at the Indiana State Fair.
There are 111 booths this year, covered five? six? city blocks, and on the first night, 47,000 people showed up. Rumour has it that many of these nonprofits make upwards of $10,000-$30,000 in a single week.

If you haven't seen the Fall Festival, it's nearly impossible to describe.

After telling my folks this for two years, they decided to comeCIMG0829 down and see it for themselves last Tuesday. Mum held down the fort while Dad and I plunged in to soak it all in.

We nabbed a entire bag of food (chicken and dumplings, frog legs, snails, corn dogs, puppy chow, potato springs, apple cider...) and headed for home for a (what I'm sure was lo-cal) feast!
Suffice to say, Dad was impressed. ;-)

If you've never been to Fall Festival, I highly recommend it - it's worth the trip and the money. But be sure to bring some comfortable pants for all the food you'll eat. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

looks like you had a great time - it makes me hungry to read it :)