Last week, I had the unique experience of riding along with our Bookmobile Lady, Jeanne, on one of her busiest stops.

I've been on the Bookmobile before (as an extra pair of hands, or as muscle in some more secluded or chancy parts of the county), but those stops were always quiet, with maybe one visitor, two if we were lucky.

We saw over 110 kids in the course of two hours on Wednesday morning, and naturally, everything that could go wrong, did. Our remote desktop didn't work, our scanner, our key pad, and yet Jeanne kept everything running smoothly. It was cool to see the satellite deployed and to learn how things work on our library on wheels.

Plus, I love the fact that Jeanne is a buck five soaking wet, and yet wheels around this enormous bus and keeps it stocked every day. ;-)

When's the last time you visited your Bookmobile? You should! It's fun!

(In all fairness, I'd never set foot on a Bookmobile until I started at APL, so don't feel bad.)

CIMG0839 CIMG0835
CIMG0836 CIMG0838

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