Becca's Bonfire

CIMG0890Last weekend definitely helped user in the autumn season...my friend Becca had a bonfire out at Harmonie State Park last weekend, complete with chili, cider and chocolate chip cookies!

Carrie and I headed up to the park and finally found our way to the campsite just as it was turning to dusk.

We were the first to arrive, but more people filtered in over CIMG0886the course of the next hour until we had a merry group of about a dozen.

The air got progressively cooler as we all sat around the fire, watching the flicking lights and meandering from topic to topic. CIMG0885

We went for a walk around the campground to admire all the Halloween decorations adorning RVs, tents and campsites.

I even got to roast a marshmallow for the first time in about 15 years. :-)

It was a perfectly clear, perfectly cool, perfectly planned night. Thanks, Becca!

(other bonfire pics here)

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