Visit from Down Under

And once again, a week goes by before I have a chance to blog about LAST weekend!

Despite the frenzied attitude eminating from the parental units, we had a big family get together last weekend, which is rare since my entire family (save my parents and sister) live on a different continent from I, so when even one person is in the Midwest for a visit, it's an event!

CIMG0603My Auntie Pam, formerly of England and currently of Australia, passed through Indiana on the way out West for a holiday. Naturally, a visit to Koodie Hoo's and a famous Priddis clambake at the homestead was to be had. ;-)

Auntie Pam was just as I remembered - lively and funny, beautiful and warm. It was so great to see her again, especially after we figured out it had been 7 or 8 years since we'd seen each other last.

But hopefully it won't be that long between this visit and the next!CIMG0606

The parentals and Pam came down to TinyTown on Thursday for a bite to eat and a tour of the town (and the library, natch), and then I turned around and drove home on Friday evening (through the most horrific thunderstorms imaginable - or so I thought) and came back on Sunday.

In those two days, we...

*had a clambake

*ate at The Brick for lunch

*had an Indian feast (yeah, our lives revolve around the meal that's coming next)

*Heard my mother announce (in reference to "Crunk" or "Pimp" Cups): "I know what they are. I watch these pimps!"

*Laughed pretty hard at that statement

*Watched Cliffhanger on Sunday morning - a timeless classic *snorts*

*Bought shoes and rambled around Target with my sister

*Played a lot of Sudoku

I crashed at Michelle and Don's again, and Don's motorcycle injuries are much improved. Plus, my favorite sister and bro-in-law gave me a new memory stick for my camera! Whee! More pictures! :-)

Of course, with the spike in gas prices, I'm glad I went home last weekend, rather than this weekend. This weekend consists of enjoying the silence - cooking, reading, webbing, nascaring, napping, crosstitching, quilting, and I'm sure a few other -ings. It's good...for the body and the soul.

And yet, I've spoken to my mother on the phone 7 times today.

Topics included: me hacking up a chicken in entirely the wrong way, the Notre Dame score, her new shoes, their trip to Yellowstone starting tomorrow, my father's lack of IM etiquette and a spirited discussion about the Busch series race in California.

We may live hours apart, but they are never far from me.

Same goes for the rest of the family overseas...we don't see each other much, we don't know each other as well as other families do, we only see faces in photos, and yet, we're always there for each other, silently smiling across the miles.

A good weekend, indeed.

The rest of the weekend photos are here, but here are my favorites of the family. I love them because in almost every single one, at least one of us is laughing - a definite family trait.

CIMG0617 CIMG0618

CIMG0621 CIMG0613

99cSisters-1 CIMG0631

CIMG0622 CIMG0632


Denise said...

Wonderful!! Sounds like a great time....and I love that you guys eat as much as we do when I go home to see my fam! :)

And your photos are great! Happy times, indeed!

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you had a wonderful time with your family! love the convo with the 'rents *grins*