One of the worst reference questions I've ever received:

I had to help a local FOX affliate cameraman in a tearing great rush find a yearbook photo.

No big deal, people want to look through the yearbooks all the time.

Until I found out she and two of her friends had been in a horrific car wreck (horrific being the car completely torn in half) the night before, had only been discovered the morning after, and that all three were killed.

She was 19.

CIMG0700Ending the week on that note, it felt good to just relax on Saturday...

I went and got a pedicure, I drank tea, I made rice pudding (look at me, getting my British on).

I lay outside for hours and read books, talked to my family on the phone and closed my eyes whenever the spirit moved me.

As dusk fell, I then lay quietly, watching the most incredible moonrise I've seen in a while. It was low in the sky, orange, enormous, and perfect.
A day like that always helps.

Of course, the bustle of life caught back up with me, as it always does. The piles on my desk at work don't seem to be getting any smaller, and I've spent part of the afternoon making phone calls, working on my newspaper column and generally gearing up for the week. ''

I have indulged myself a bit today, working on my NaNo website for this year - yes, I'm going for four in a row. It wouldn't be November without it. ;-)

Still, as the week ticks by and my stress level returns to higher levels, at least I can stop and remember the image of that moon slowing rising in the east.


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Anonymous said...

Yay! You're doing Nano! I've been working on the notes and research for mine. I think you're the only other person (besides me) I know of who's going for their fourth. Can't wait! :D