Signs of Autumn

I love the subtle signs of autumn that creep into Indiana every year...

CIMG0696The crows beginning to gather in droves on the dome of our courthouse.

The slight bite of cool in the morning as I step outside with my coffee.

The way the landscape radically changes in the course of a few hours when a field of corn is mown down.

The first crinkled leaves on the ground, the wind skittering them across the pavement.

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and this year, I've promised myself I'm going to try and absorb every moment of it I can.

I'm going to try and unplug tomorrow....no tv, no computer. Just my own company, a stack of books, some new recipes and an empty journal itching to be written in. My porch swing is covered in cushions, my stash of tea replenished, my body in need of stimulation from something other than a screen.

And maybe, if I close my eyes and listen, I can hear autumn approach.


Denise said...

:) Isn't it lovely??

Anonymous said...

It's not like that here yet. *whines*