Shop the House Down

So, my friend Erica made her yearly pilgramage to TinyTown in need of some new clothes, a trip over "the hill" and a place to get away and hang for a day or two.

As an added bonus, GE (our biggest factory in town) apparently learned of Erica's visit and courteously scheduled their 45th anniversary block party for the same weekend!

CIMG0678 CIMG0679

We got to hang with some Colts (that photo with Peyton? De, that's all for you!), see CIMG0680one of Matt Kenseth's cars, eat lots o' free food and make art out of plastic pellets.

Shopping was also a major theme - gotta love credit cards and a kickass sale. ;-)

It was great having her visit - we ate a lot, talked a lot about friends, chakras, books, work, solarized water and the wonderfulness that is sitting outside eating an ice cream cone on a Friday night.

And really, there are no better stories than those from The House...AuthorHouse. And I thought we had good stories from my library, but we've got nothing on her tales...

Erica's haul: CIMG0685

Marissa's haul: CIMG0686

I'm pretty sure I won, but only because Eddie Bauer was having that sale...

The Priddis B&B is happy to serve, sweetie. :-)


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Denise said...

WOO WOO!! Love the picture with Peyton, babe! I'm so jealous.... ;)