Rainy Weekend

As the rain continues to pour down, I feel like strapping on a pair of roller skates so I can zoom from Information Desk to Information Desk at the library, answering few reference questions and about 807345087345 requests for computer sign-ups.

Man, I can NOT wait for that internet sign up software we're slated to be buying...

But hey! At least the roof at the library isn't leaking anymore! Yay for no more soggy ceiling tiles, ruined books on tape, stained ceilings or damaged furniture!

CIMG0724I'm working this weekend, but had a great evening yesterday. First, Jeanne and I went out to the Point Township Church after work for their chicken supper. For $8 we got a to-go box stuffed to the gills with fried chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, green beans, dumplings, coleslaw, bread and a slice of pie. Another thing to appreciate about small town life: the bevy of home cooked meals you can find at almost any church on almost any given weekend.

And, as my friend Megan would say, those church ladies "can cook like motherf#$&ers!"

And that place was PACKED, man!

As we walked out, I invoked Truvy from Steel Magnolias, talking about friend chicken made by fine Christian women, natch. ;-)

After dinner, we headed over to Mary's 50th birthday party, thrown by her sister and mother over at the library meeting rooms. The party was really nicely done, and even had a chocolate FOUNTAIN for dipping nibblies into!

For me, the best part was seeing Mary's reaction to learning she was going to go to Disneyland in California for her birthday - she immediately burst into tears, which made everyone else tear up. Mary's a Mickey Mouse fanatic, so this was the ultimate gift. It was really nice to see.
And yes, those are GOLD Mickey Mouse ears on Mary. :-)

Happy Birthday, Mary!

And so the rain continues as the workday comes to a close. I'm thinking a new recipe for dinner, some quality time with the NASCAR boys on tape, some new TV watching and then to bed, so we can do this all over again tomorrow!

At least I have a three day weekend coming up...things are still in the air as to what I'm doing with it though, which is kinda bumming me out. But then again, maybe it's time for a solo road trip to somewhere new and unexplored...

Assuming I can afford the gas by that point!

Happy Sunday, y'all!


Denise said...

3 day weekend??? COME SEE ME!!! :) *drops to her knees and begs*


Anonymous said...

Sorry, she's mine. :)