Linky Linky

Some of the best things to filter through my online radar this week...

  • Depeche Mode fans who pre-order the group's new album online via iTunes will get priority when it comes to buying tickets for their upcoming tour. "During the promotional campaign, which runs through September 26, these customers receive a password that gives them access to a maximum of four priority-seating tickets from Ticketmaster.com for dates on Depeche Mode's North American tour, which begins November 2 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. These tickets may be purchased beginning September 20, four days before sales open to the general public." Who's with me? Jen? Jason? SOMEBODY with a lust for Mr. Gahan?
  • Because everyone else is linking to it, and I wanna be one of the cool kids...Dubya needs a bit of a, ahem, break. My favorite part? "Is this possible?"
  • I want to buy many cute handmade items from Etsy.


Anonymous said...

Unless he's back oh the horse...I find him creepy sober. I'm Jason is up for it!

Anonymous said...

*sure. Jesus, I've been a horrible typer this week!