Like everyone else, I have been shocked, horrified and appalled at the devastation down south...not just the hurricane, but the anarchy that followed.

I tried and tried not to feel sorry for myself as our library's 20 year old roof sprang leak after leak, endangering parts of our collection and causing me to spend most of my day walking around surveying damage, yanking out ceiling tiles, worrying about electrical fires and fretting endlessly.

I tried and tried not to feel sorry for myself as I slogged through the rain and back again on the way to work.

I tried and tried not to feel sorry for myself as the weatherstripping came loose on my front door, soaking my family room carpet.

Because I know nothing, absolutely NOTHING of the devastation these people feel.

There are days when I feel helpful and noble, when I feel like I made a contribution - to the library, to TinyTown, to my family, or just to myself.

Katrina reminds me that I'm helpless in the face of such odds.

There are only small gestures I can make...

Positive thoughts and wishes for all, keeping up to date on the latest news so I can inform any patrons who might ask or want more information, donating what I can to the Barry Manilow Fund (Barry has promised to match every donation, dollar for dollar), and putting a bunch of stuff on eBay with the idea to donate a portion of the proceeds to the hurricane relief efforts.

It's not much, but it's something. It's a small something, but it's something.

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