It's been a spectacularly bad week on the workfront (not me personally, just some issues at the library as a whole), so instead of focusing on that, I'd like to focus on fun stuff from this past weekend: a good play, a dunking booth, and a plan for next weekend.

CIMG0499Friday night, Becca and I once again ushered up at New Harmony Theatre, this time for a much better play...The Odd Couple. We thought it was ironic if that you put us next to each other, we tend to be the odd couple ourselves...

(Uh, one of us is top heavy, and the other is...well, not so much...)CIMG0500

I finally got to catch up with the sis and bro-in-law about this coming weekend...I'm heading home (per tradition) for Brickyard weekend, and Michelle had originally proposed the two of us going to the race on Sunday. We're going to a "bike day" with Don on Saturday (where they whizz around the track on motorcycles with those little hockey pucks on their knees to stop them from falling over. Can't.F'n.Wait!), and then the race on Sunday, and then kickin' around on Monday.

Unfortunately, upon further review, we decided the Brickyard was a tad cost prohibitive this year, and with the way Quals viewing has been restructured, it looks like I'm not going to the track at all. Sunday, I think we'll spend all day on the boat instead - but we'll see. :-)

Saturday (once again the hottest day in all of creation) was our end of Summer Reading Program luau block party. It was hours of work, but everyone had a good time, and Becca got some really great photos from the event. My first task was to man the dunking booth while Jessy (our fearless YA librarian) took the fall over and over and over...

I also worked a couple of other booths in the tent, and generally helped take stuff down afterwards. I work with such great people. :-)

A few of my favorite photos...

Carrie and I in pre-show mode...


Manning the dunk tank and heckling Jessy...


Jessy, the Hecklee...


Working one of the game booths...


Look Ma! I got a tattoo!


(Don't worry, Mum, it's a fake.)

I know Becca took about 200 hundred photos, so I think I'm going to create an APL Flickr account to load them all. I know more and more libraries are using Flickr for photo sharing, and I think that's rad. :-)

Speaking of the Hecklee, Jessy linked to Grokker in her blog, and it's totally fun to play with! Go check it out!

Get well soon, De. I hate when Princesses get sick. :-)

Good night, all!

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Anonymous said...

From: The Other Half of the Odd Couple

What Marissa, Queen of Diplomacy & Shoes, is delicately avoiding saying is that while she has the booby, I have the booty.

And that's the top and bottom of it all.