Warm Heart

This warms my heart...

A lady came into the library looked a bit harried and hot. She asked to use a computer, and told me she only needed a few minutes to check her email - her own computer had just died.

All my computers were booked, and all of my walkups were being used.

I was explaing to her that it would probably be a few minutes before a computer was free, when the boy sitting a few feet away stood up and pointed to the computer.

"You can use this computer for a few minutes, ma'am. I'm not doing anything important."

"Are you sure?" She replied, looking hesitant.

"Sure. Go ahead - you need it more than me."

She gave him a grateful smile, and he stepped away, heading for the book stacks to browse for a few minutes.

He's 13 years old.

And when he grows up, someone is going to be lucky to have him.

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Denise said...

Aww...that's a wonderful story!! What a fantastic kid. :)