Review: Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia by Julie Powell

I was drawn to this title after reading an "upcoming" blurb in one of my review magazines, and when I was able to snap up a galley at ALA, I was stoked!

Julie's approaching 30, in a drone job, unable to have a baby, and unsure where her life is going. In a desperate attempt to do *something*, she decides she is going to cook all the recipes in Julia Child's groundbreaking book, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

524 recipes, 365 days, 1 tiny NYC apartment.

Julie's story and writing are raw, honest, funny, horrifying and engaging. You really feel as though you are reading about the trials of a close friend, and not some author somewhere. Plus, the book just makes you hungry for some kickass cooking.

The day I finished the book, I checked out Julia Child's cookbook for myself, and though I may only conquer one recipe, that's one more than I would have ever tried.

A great read.

Note: The book is due for publication on September 28th.

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