Review: First to Die

1st To Die by James Patterson

I've never read much Patterson, but since he's a suspense superstar and everyone at the library reads Patterson, I thought it was high time I checked out one of his series!

This was the first in the "number" series from Patterson, featuring four women who solve mayhem and murder - a cop, an ME, a reporter and a district attorney. Though Patterson is a man, he wrote fairly convincingly from the feminine voice.

The story was fastpaced and interesting, and though a few threads ended in a way I disliked, I overall liked the story, and would read more in the series. I wonder if the other books are from the other points of view - this one was primarily from the "cop" point of view...

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Anonymous said...

Patterson's YA novel, Maximum Ride, is also written with a female narrator. A teenaged one at that! I think he pulled it off well. I think Kiss the Girls was written with a female POV too but I could be mistaken.