Review: The Devil's Teeth

The Devil's Teeth by Susan Casey

The irony isn't lost on me that I suffer from fish fear, and yet wanted to read a book about great white sharks. ;-)

This book reads like fiction, but is a true account of the Farallones - a group of islands not far from San Francisco that are among the most fertile natural hunting grounds of great white sharks. The islands are inhabited by scientists each fall who monitor the great whites and the surrounding animal life. It's no coincidence that the front cover features a shark fin and blood red water - this is normal fare for the Farallones.

Casey's story is immediately gripping and it was hard to put this story down. She writes with interest and intensity, and you feel as though are you right beside her, gasping in horror and amazement. This is a great read, and truly deserves its place on the current bestseller lists.

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