No More Full Moon...

Thank goodness that full moon is behind us...I think everyone went into a sort of tailspin last week...

However, this week is looking up.


List O' Good Things in LFM's Life:
  • How much does my Board of Trustees rock? They are sending Carrie (our sys admin) and I to Monterey, CA for the Internet Librarian Conference in October! I'm sooo excited! Maire, we're doing drinks. ;-)
  • I created my very first Wikipedia page! I'd never even edited a page before, so starting a new one was a challenge. Three guesses what it's about. ;-)

  • Everyone at APL got a two hour lunch today, courtesy of our Director. Just because. That's a nice thing. :-)

  • Now this is graffiti I can get behind. I'm so ordering a phrase or two one of these days...

  • Thanks to this link, I'm a CoverGirl! (via Michael)


Goodnight, all!

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