Any Library Can Do This Stuff...

Wow, I'm getting all blushy and everything.

First, Michael over at Tame the Web links to my blog and Flickr set about our end of Summer Reading Program, and then today he and Maire agree that our IM Reference project and language is "hot", and then even links my humble project for the world to see.

Who's a rock star now, huh? :-)

I love the immediacy and the camraderie of the electronic library circle. There is such an air of cooperation and sharing - Maire could have knocked me silly for basing my IM page on her original site, but instead, she and Michael compliment the ever-growing nature of this new service that more and more libraries are offering.

I also love the fact that any library can do what we're doing...sure, the time I devote to things like our library blog, our new IM service, our (soon to be) Flickr account, our website, and our aspirations to offer things like online card registration and so forth, do take away from the 17 hats I wear at the library. But the return on investment is totally worth it...if for no other reason than because we'll be ahead of the curve as more and more of our users come from the under-20 set, rather than the over-60s.

Seriously, any library can do this stuff.

Compared to a St. Joseph County or a Marin County, we're tiny. Less than 7500 people live in our city limits. But we have a few key things on our side...

A director willing to listen when I start rambling about new techy bits.

The courage to try something and see if it works out.

Me, willing to jump off a cliff and give it a try.

The ability to be forward thinking while maintaining our best assets - our building, our collection, and our people.

The willingness to believe that just because it's free doesn't mean it won't work, or work well.

I love that a library, any library, even a small public library, can take these things on, make them work, and get a few words of encouragement along the way.

I just love that.

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