Weekend Warrior

Well, we did it.

We threw a garage sale on what was undoubtedly the hottest day since the beginning of time, and we survived.

We even made a little money, and donated a lot of stuff to Goodwill.

Becca graciously allowed me to jump on board with her (already planned) garage sale, and I hauled over a ton of old furniture and junk that was taking up half of my OWN garage. I sold things I didn't expect to sell, and things that I thought would go for sure were left over! Of course, the accompanying pictures of the hotter-than-Hades sale...

CIMG0472 CIMG0470
CIMG0473 CIMG0476

The stats from the sale:

*First visitor: 5:46am
*First Diet Coke: 5:48am
*First cigarette: 5:49am
*First sale: 6:25am
*Biggest sale for me: $15 (old papasan)
*Smallest sale for me: 7 cents from a little girl who got a pair of bunnyears I wore on my 25th b-day (don't ask...)
*Heat index: 807234087234 degrees
*End of garage sale: 1:02pm
*Goodwill run: 2:16pm
*Shower: 3:02pm
*Total income: $75

Becca made twice what I did, but is going to throw another small sale on a less-hot-and-humid weekend. As for me...I'm just selling a few things on eBay and giving away the rest...

If you are looking for some fly new clothes, be sure to check out my first (of hopefully several) eBay garage sales...

After a restorative shower and the mandatory "lay on the floor face down, not moving and moaning a little" period, I headed back to the big city for dinner with Becca and Kevin, Mick, his son Ethan and his buddy Damon. Afterwards, we all (but Kevin) headed over to the IMAX theatre to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Okay, I admit that I was skeptical, but I gotta tell you...the movie was hysterical, and seeing it on the big screen was awesome! Johnny Depp was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. :-)

Naturally, we had to go grab some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery afterward and just sat around and gabbed until we pretty much couldn't keep our eyes open anymore. A long day, but a great one all round...

Is Ethan (foreground) not the cutest little guy on the planet?


Me and McGoob...


All together now...


The gang was going to head to Holiday World today, but I know my limits. Me + heat = misery. I wisely stayed home, got a few things done, watched the race, and wasted the entire day - inside. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Well, what can I say??? ...Another brilliant article complete with superb pics. But then, I am just a bit prejudice. Oh ya, and the Fashionista Librarian is HOT, don't you think??? :) Mick