Weekend Update

Whew! The weekend was over before I knew it, and I've scarcely had a minute to blog it, between work, Chad updates, and reading Harry Potter. ;-)

(My Two Chads - yeah, I'm still laughing about that *grin*)

Let's get linkified:

Alright, let's see what happened in Fashionista's world this weekend...

CIMG0419Like the rest of the planet, we unpacked our Harry Potter books at the library, and there was much rejoicing (yay). I got my copy, via Amazon, on Saturday afternoon, and proceeded to spend the next two days tearing through it. Wow. Hrm. Yeah....

There should be a (short) review further down ye olde blog...

On Saturday evening, I ushed at the New HarmonyCIMG0434 Theatre (along with my girl Becca) for the show "A Moon to Dance By". I love the theatre, and I'm so glad Becca's gotten me involved in ushering! While well acted, the play itself was...odd. A very odd, odd play. Yes. This is me waiting to head for dinner and the show - gotta show off my kicky skirt and shoes!

I also set a goal for myself this weekend...I was going to bake bread. From scratch. No cheating. I watched my mother bake bread twice a week for years and years before the advent of the bread machine. I figured, it would be character-building.

And it turned out pretty good! Look, Ma! Bread! :-)

(Never mind that the loaf is roughly the size of my Honda)

CIMG0436 CIMG0437

Last night, the library closed at 5pm (per our Board of Trustees) so that the library staff could attend an Evansville Otters baseball game - a sort of bonding, team building event. Everyone had a great time! Great seats, good weather, tasty food and lots of good conversation. All the photos are right here...and a few of the digs...

Bosse Field was the filming site from "A League of Their Own", complete with original set signs from the movie! Apparently, Madonna thought Evansville was heinously boring...she must not have gone to the 4-H Fair or Casino Aztar. ;-)

(That's Becca and I in the last photo)


And that's it from La Fashionista this evening! G'night!

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Jason Cooper said...

Evansville, boring? I don't believe it :) Besides, they've got a baseball team, which keeps things fun enough - at least for five months out of the year.