I did it! I successfully unplugged! Go me!

(I really shouldn't be this happy that I went 24 hours without checking email or Bloglines, should I?)

CIMG0330I did, however, have a bonanza at Wal-Mart and finally seriously stocked up on groceries for the first time since, oh, I went to England...

Then I came home and got to cooking - trying new recipes, revisiting a couple of old favorites, and generally whistling while I worked. A good day. :-)CIMG0331

Made even better when Becca called and invited me over to dinner and a movie with her, Kevin and Mick. Great food, great company, a great evening...

We went and saw War of the Worlds which I admit I was skeptical of, but it turned out to be pretty good - and pretty horrifying. I've decided it's equal parts Independence Day, Titanic, Schindler's List and Alien. Admittedly, I looked at Tom a few times and thought "man, you are such a freak in real life!" but the one who really impressed me was Dakota Fanning. I thought she would be annoying and whiny, but she was really, really good in this film.

I still want to see Batman Begins and Star Wars, though. One of these days...

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