Supreme Court

Well, it's nice to see the White House nicely deflecting the Karl Rove probe with a speedy nomination for the Supreme Court, in the form of Judge John Roberts Jr.

More on Roberts:

NARAL alleged that Roberts had actively worked to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that struck down state laws outlawing abortion.

Arguing a case for the first Bush administration in 1990, Roberts said Roe v. Wade "was wrongly decided and should be overruled."

Goody. I can't wait to see what other rights get revoked the minute our deeply spiritual, deeply family-valued, deeply, scarily Republican president starts stacking a soon to be deeply, scarily conservative and Republican Supreme Court.

Maybe I should run rampant now, to make up for later when most of my women's rights are revoked and we become more of a police state than we are now. Hide your library checkouts, prepare your back alley abortions, and getting ready for atheists to start hiding from a new McCarthyist society.

Or perhaps I'm just being a tad cynical.

In other news, I think Karl Rove is one of the scariest people in government, and have thought so for a while now - right up there with Dick Cheney. Don't miss reading the letter sent to Bush from Democrats on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, in which they demand the removal of Rove from office.

I thought this was interesting, via ABCNews...

Just a quarter of Americans think the White House is fully cooperating in the federal investigation of the leak of a CIA operative's identity, a number that's declined sharply since the investigation began. And three-quarters say that if presidential adviser Karl Rove was responsible for leaking classified information, it should cost him his job.
I just keep picturing Josh Lyman from The West Wing doing something this egregious and trying to get away with it. Would President Bartlett stand for that? I don't f'n think so.

Have a few minutes? Read Dude, Where's My Country (Michael Moore) , Worse than Watergate (John W. Dean), or Had Enough? (James Carville). Eye opening stuff, y'all.

Okay, I'm done ranting...for now...

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