Ref Grunt for Today

I'm continually amazed, or should I say amused, by some of our patrons. Today's case study...

Ever since late last week, a woman has been calling once or twice a day to inquire whether the movie "The Pacifier" is in.

It hasn't been.

In fact, it was checked out by a staff member and wasn't due back until 8pm on Monday night, which I told the woman when she called on Friday.

So this morning, I worked the reference desk for some of the time. The staff member told me she wouldn't be able to return the movie until Tuesday, but of course, we never reveal who has something checked out, or what their return plans were. The woman called 4 times, and the script was always the same:

"Is the Pacifier in?"

*LFM pretends to type into the computer*

"No, I'm sorry. It's checked out, and is due back today."

"Thank you."

And so it went.

She continued to call this afternoon, and when I took over the desk again at 5pm, I knew I was in for it.

I was.

She called 5 times in three hours.

At 7:38pm when she called (we close at 8pm), I gently informed her that, no, the movie still wasn't in. She finally admitted that maybe she wouldn't try calling anymore tonight.

Here's the part of this story I find most amazing:


I could see if it was the street date for LOTR or Star Wars or anything starring Colin Firth, but THE PACIFIER?

I can only surmise a few things about this woman:

*She has kids and desperately needs entertainment for them
*She liked that part of the trailer when the duck bites Vin Diesel
*This is part of an elaborate prank to mess with me
*She's friends with Erica, who, as we know, holds a small candle for Vin. ;-)
*She thought it was an educational video about baby care

I guess I'll never know, so I just hope the movie is returned today - because I'm on the reference desk again.

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