Home Sweet Home

I decided on a lark late Thursday night to go home and see the fam this weekend, and I'm so glad I did.

CIMG0357 CIMG0348

I got to see my godparents for the first time in ages, I got to enjoy Mum's garden, and I got to see my sister, which I also haven't been able to do in ages. (Click any of the flower photos to see all the pics I took from the Bit-O-Britain right here in Indiana)

My godmother is quite a petite lady. Michelle and I couldn't stop laughing as we took this photo of us "two giant redwoods" next to her...


Sunday Michelle and Don invited me to go boating on Lake Monroe, and it was spectacular. I'd forgotten how much I loved going out there with them...

It was great. Except for when the minnow swam down my cleavage. But that's a different story.

(Here are the boating pics, biatch. Stop emailing me. *grin*)

Dig me on the boat - obviously, pre-hair-dyeing...

CIMG0388 CIMG0378

I tried to get a diving action shot. It didn't work. ;-)


I can't believe I'm related to these people...


Right before the attack of the minnows...


Oh bartender...


(A few more photos are here...)

And so it was that I had to leave the lake and come back home. Yesterday seemed interminable, probably due to the migraine that blew up last night. Today we had our "staff development day" at the library, and it really was fruitful and interesting.

And since we got out a bit early, I decided to clean out my garage to get ready for Becca's garage sale in a few weeks. Unggghh...

G'night, all!

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