The Historian

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

This has been the buzz book of the summer. By now, most folks have heard of this weighty novel (and the $2 million dollar advance Kostova got for it, and the additional $2 in movie rights), and the fact that it centers around the search for Dracula - who may still be alive today.

Kostova's writing is great, and she is skilled at leaving a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter. We read through the eyes of the unnamed narrator, the daughter of a historian who is pulled into a search for Dracula, and all the dangers and drama that go along with it. Kostova weaves history, research, exotic European locales, great characters and a lot of drama into this elaborate and detailed novel.

The publisher (Little, Brown) has been pushing the novel like crazy, and are trying to tout it as the next Da Vinci Code but aside from the chapter cliffhangers and crazy search for the unknown, this is totally different. It feels much more "literary" and researched - aided by the fact Kostova took 10 years to write it.

I really enjoyed the novel, and really got into the search and the twists and turns. The worst part was lugging around a 650 page novel in my bag for days and days. My back still hurts. ;-)

A great, interesting, fascinating read!

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