I was all set to geek out about the fact that Yahoo has bought Konfabulator, and that the software is now totally free to download, maintain and update, when something even more geeky happened!

I received an email from a writer at ESPN, the Magazine, who had questions for me regarding Cheesin' Chadwick. Apparently, he is doing a feature on the Man of Tan, found my site, talked to Chad about it (who told the writer he thought it was great), and then emailed me to find out more.

Oh sure, I get interviewed by national magazines all the time, but I thought I'd share. ;-)

The article should be in the forthcoming issue, due out in a couple of weeks. If anyone sees it before I do, let me know what it says. Rock on!


Anonymous said...

holy freakin' cow, Marissa! that is beyond awesome!

so what did Chad have to say about the site to the writer guy?

Anonymous said...

duh I'm stoopid... i was so geeked about the interview that i totally missed where chad said the site was great *blushes*

Denise said...

I'm still so freakin' excited about this!! QHEE!

Jackie said...

SWEET! I'm pretty sure I'll be able to con one of the sports guys at work into letting me see the mag when it arrives! I can't wait to read the article :-) You go!