You Can Do It!

You Can Do It! The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls by Lauren Catuzza Grandcolas

This sort of book is always right up my alley! I love books with great ideas, inspirational thoughts, and the can-do attitude!

This isn't a book you read word for word...instead you flip through the pages and browse, mulling over ideas and trying to decide how best to earn the badges, which range from fly solo, redo a room, sing out, scuba dive or firewalk. There are even merit badge stickers in the back of the book to "earn".

Though I dismissed a lot out of hand, I love the idea of possibility exuded by this book. Poignantly, the creator of this book died on Sept 11, so her sisters moved the publication forward, and proceeds benefit a scholarship set up in Grancolas' name.

If you get a chance, flip through this book!

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