New Columnist

Exciting news, y'all!

I was recently hired by the local newspaper to act as a story correspondent, and also as a weekly featured columnist! Yay!

About a year and a half ago, the lady who wrote the "what was happening in town 50, 75, 100 years ago" column retired, and the paper has been inundated with requests for the column ever since. Beth, the editor, asked me if I would be interested, and naturally I jumped at the chance.

My "debut" was this past week, and so far, no one has said anything mean to me, so that's nice. *grin*

I've revamped the column a bit for my own style: new year span (10, 25, 50), new style (bullets and snippets of info), and a new title: A Wrinkle in Time. I thought it was literary and cute. Just like me. ;-)

Beth said some nice things about me as she "reintroduced" the column to the readership - on the FRONT PAGE of the newspaper. I told you this column was big news...

"I am so excited that Marissa had decided to begin a history column...We've been looking at ways to get back it back into our pages...but just hadn't found the right person to do it until Marissa came along."


And now, the photo proof of my debut as a journalist. The folks will be so proud:

Yes, the picture is heinous, but I'll live through it.

Columnist Marissa, signing off...