New Bookclub

I've decided if I ever join a bookclub (that I don't lead, and thus can just speak me mind in), I'd like to be like this one:

Satan's Bookclub

Just kidding...sorta. ;-)

In other news, my book club is reading Nickel and Dimed this month, and if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. It's an interesting, thought provoking book. You'll never look at Merry Maids or Wal-Mart the same way, that's for sure.

Jaleh made mention of the book in her review of 30 Days (which I'd really like to see) and about getting by on next to nothing. I'm right with you, girl...it's a shame that Congress can't see the poverty that exists in every one of their districts, and yet do nothing about it. I realize a lot of the impetus is because of small business owners who would be unable to afford the raise, but there has to be a way out. Between low wages and then the health care crisis, I don't honestly know where we're heading...

However, as Bush continues to dig himself into a Social Security PR nightmare, I was thrilled to see his approval rating dropped another percent, down to 42%. 42% of America think Bush is doing a good job as President. And yet, this is the same country that elected him last November. Astonishing.

And embarassing.

I say we run Bill Clinton as vice-president next time around, and then have the president stand down a couple days into office. Believe it or not, that's legal.

Unless we can get Hillary to run this time around...with Evan Bayh, maybe? ;-)

But I digress...

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