Just Another Monday

Good news, Mum. I don't have any cavities.

God, I hate going to the dentist.

Bad things about today:

  • It was Monday
  • I had to go to the dentist
  • I had to work a weird shift
  • My La Femme Nikita Season 3 DVD didn't arrive

Good things about today:

  • I got to see one of these (by far my favorite farm machine):

  • I sat outside on my swing after work, devouring a fab new book (review forthcoming if I ever finish the other 400 pages), and watching the moon slowly rise. Incidentally, the moon is doing cool things this week.
  • I found the coolest thing courtesy of Bookslut today...an Italian trailer for a book. A book trailer! How sweet is that? And why don't we have more in America? Granted, the trailer wigged me out a bit the first time, but makes me want to know more about the book. The thing that gets me about the trailer is the haunting music that plays. I've searched and searched to find out what the music is...if any of you reference-y type folks can find the song, I'll be forever in your debt. Seriously.
  • Mary and I went and checked out Cousins Subs, the new restaurant in town. Yummy subs and even yummier ice cream! And they have snifty outdoor seating, which I'm all about in this nice weather we're having...

T'was a good day, after all.

(But for that pesky dentist...)

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