I'm Back!

Hello, one and all! I have returned from my sojourn in Chicago, and have much to update and photos to share (of course)!

But first, let's get to the really important news and links I missed while I was gone...

*As always, Jennifer Weiner (one of my fave authors and fellow blogger) has a spot-on interpretation of Terry McMillian's recent divorce announcement.

*Things You Can Learn about the Plot of the Next Harry Potter Book Just by Looking at the Cover Art (via Bookslut)

*I missed the meltdown, but now I can relive it.

In other news, I seem to have had two casualties from my Chicago trip: several of my potted plants, and my beloved iPod. *wails*

If anyone wants to a) buy me a new iPod b) fix the one I have c) pay for a new computer when I finish kicking this one, I'd be most appreciative. ;-)

Chicago was a blast, albeit hot and exhausting. I'm feelin' all geeked out now that I'm back. :-)


*Barack Obama rocks.my.everlasting.world

*David Sedaris rocks.the.rest.of.my.everlasting.world

(I got to see both of them speak at the conference)

*8734058735 pounds of free galleys received

*Got to see my best friend Megan

*Ate big food

*Played in multiple museums


*Almost getting kicked out of said museum for looking too young and not "librarian" enough

*The throwdown that almost happened at the hotel checkout

*The lack of air conditioning the first day at the conference center

*The lack of buses to the Scholarship Bash

All in all, a good time. And on the library's dime. Nice.

And, of course, the obligatory photos...

Welcome to chaos, librarian style!



"Baker and Taylor" for all you library geeks...


Me and "Sue" at the Field Museum...


The haul from the FIRST day...

Jessy and me...not your typical librarians...

(Are we flying to Middle Earth? *snickers*)



You know you're flying from a "big city" when the airport parking shuttle is a golf cart. Oh yeah, baby...


My best friend (since I was 4, anyway), Megan and I...


(The rest of the photos are here. Note: the desks are work related. I'm not fixated or anything.)

Such a great trip!


Anonymous said...


Speaking of libraries, I thought of you while reading Peanuts' quotes. It went "God didn't make the sun for you to sit in the library." Hehe.

Denise said...

Whoa...looks like lots of fun in the WCFoL!! :) Glad you're back, loved the photos but WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR iPOD?!?!?!? *cries with you*